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2024 Summer Camps


Music Composition for Children

June 10 - 14 (Mon. - Fri.), 9:00 - 11:30 am
Age: 5+
Fee: $150


  • Choosing from a wide variety of themes, campers will learn basic skills of notation, compositional ideas, and arranging techniques.

  • Campers will compose 2-3 pieces for piano step by step with guidance.

  • Story time: campers will learn interesting stories about representative composers.

  • All campers can expect to bring home 2 to 4 ready-to-perform pieces for piano.


  • Campers need to prepare pencils and erasers.

  • The studio will supply all other composing materials such as manuscript papers, color pencils. 


Piano Camp Intensive

June 24 - 28 (Mon. - Fri.), 9:00 - 11:30 am
Ages 5+. Basic music experience preferred.
Fee: $150


  • Designed for campers to learn piano four-hand playing. 

  • Students will learn how to collaborate with partner and enjoy their favorite styles of music; then work with multiple rhythms, note-reading improvement and score study.

  • All campers can expect to finish 2-4 ready-to-perform pieces.


  • The studio will supply all the learning materials.

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