Available for in-studio and virtual participation

Grand Piano

Intro to Piano & More Fun

July 4-8, 9am-12pm
$300, Ages 5-9. No experience required.

Get introduced to piano in a fun & interactive group setting! You will learn the fundamentals of piano and music notation. Explore the wide range of musical possibilities the piano can deliver through the art of exploratory improvisation and playing as a group. Other musical and movement games are also in the studio!

Composing Music

ABRSM Theory Intensive I

July 4-8, 1pm-4pm
$320, Ages 5-15.  Basic music experience preferred.

This camp will provide excellent activities for young beginners.  They will have opportunities to learn music fundamentals.  In a fun atmosphere they will explore concepts of rhythm. Furthermore, kids have intensive training of ABRSM Theory in this 5-day intensive!

Cartoons in the Air

Disney Music Camp

July 11-15, 9am-12pm
$300, Ages 5-9. No experience required.

The name says it all!  Learn the popular film music.  You will be introduced to some famous composers and their music.  The ultimate goal will be to play favorite film music together by the end of the week for a performance!

Headphones and sheet music

ABRSM Theory Intensive II

July 11-15, 1pm-4pm
$330, Ages 5-15. Basic music experience preferred.

Continue learning more of theory with fun gams.  Further study of form, melody, and lyrics writing. Discover the secret recipe of harmony progressions and rhythms.  Exciting and further training of ABRSM Theory in this 5-day intensive!