"I believe that every student has potential.  I aim to be an enthusiastic and knowledgable teacher, professionally invested in that student's progress and development, and well versed in the challenges of performance."

- Crystal Lin, PhD.  



Dr. Lin’s fun-loving, positive, and patient nature defines her both personally and professionally.  She teaches Piano and Composition.

As a lyrical composer, Crystal Lin (中

文名:林品妡) tells stories through her music. To establish a beautiful soundscape, she likes to combine both Eastern and Western musical cultures into her music.  Pin-Hsin is currently selected as the winner of the 2021 Composers Today State Contest in California.

An award-winning composer, her music has been performed by the following groups:

  • American Composers Orchestra 

  • Peabody Symphony Orchestra 

  • Bridges East and West Music Festival of University at California Los Angeles 

  • “Music Of Taiwan 2013” of the Taiwanese American Sinfonia Organization 


  • University of Illinois Percussion Ensemble 

  • Turks Head Knot (featuring horn soloist Adam Unsworth) 

  • VEM Quartet 

  • Liège Conservatory and Cor solo at Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège

Her music has also been performed at the following events and locations:

  • Sound Exchange Musical Festival at National Taiwan Normal University and Indiana State University

  • Bowdoin International Music Festival 

  • St. Magnus Festival 

  • Bard Festival, the Centrum Chamber Music Festival

  • Roosevelt University.

She has given composition analysis lectures at the following events:

  • Aspen Composers’ Conference 

  • Murray State University’s Athena Festival

  • University of Central Missouri’s New Music Festival.

Her essays have been published by California Music Teacher magazine and Aspen Composers’ Conference.

She is also the recipient of the following awards:

  • 2021 Composers Today State Contest of California.

  • two Peabody Career Development Grants

  • two New Music USA Composer Assistance Grants

  • Centrum Music Festival Scholarship

  • Bard Music Festival Scholarship

  • Bowdoin International Music Festival Scholarship

  • St. Magnus festivals.

  • Henry Mancini Fellowship

  • Powell Bucknell Scholarship

  • Herbet H. Wise Scholarship,

  • Honorable Mention by the Minnesota Orchestra

  • Honorable Mention by the Thomas Lee Composition Competition of UCLA Wind Ensemble.

Dr. Lin’s interest in composition also extends into experimental and collaborative works. In 2008 she composed Conceptual View of Complexity, in cooperation with dancers and computer scientists. This work was designed to help the physically disabled safely regain strength.  The artists used various sonorities to evoke different movements by the patients. 

Dancers recorded the video along with her composition, and the 3-D virtual reality version was made for the patients to follow.  This dance was performed and videotaped at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, titled Tele-immersive Environments for Everybody (TEEVE). 

In the same year, Dr. Lin was selected to participate in the St. Magnus Festival in Orkney, Scottland where her melodic piece Soaring Journey, inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “Hope Is Something With Feathers,” premiered. Her visit to the English countryside during the St. Magnus Festival inspired her next piece, Orkney Sunrise, which was performed by the Trio Capriccio at the Oro Valley United Church in Arizona.

Dr. Lin completed her PhD in composition at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2016.  She was able to finish her dissertation with the support of the Edna and Yu-Shan Han Endowed Award.  In her research, she further explored how colorful sounds were created by different tones coming from various tessituras, and how those sound resources reverberate in different sizes of space.  She had a formal appointment as a Teaching Fellow of music theory and music appreciation courses while there.  She continues to research about cross-cultural music.

Before attending UCLA, she earned her MM in Composition at The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University and her BM in Composition at Roosevelt University. Her composition teachers included Ian Krouse, David Lefkowitz, Richard Danielpour, Nicholas Maw, Samuel Adler, and Claude Baker.

Dr. Lin grew up in Kaohsiung and Taipei, Taiwan. She is a member of Broadcast Music Inc (BMI), New Music USA, and Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC).  

She is a professional Certificate of Music Evaluator with MTAC.  She is also the director of the Crystal Music Academy in Arcadia, CA, where she offer diverse music lessons.