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Piano Keyboard

Preschool Musical Enlightenment

Starting at age 4, Wunderkeys Method is a program designed specifically for preschoolers in mind. Learn why preschool is the perfect time to start your kid's musical journey!

Learn 100 songs in your first 3 months of playing.

Learn new songs in as little as 3 minutes with our Perfect Playing Practice Process... so you can avoid that ‘new student’ struggle that experience.

All students will develop repertoire, and have the opportunity to perform solo, accompanied by live musicians, in front of an audience, within 6 months of lessons.

All students will receive an engaging education, crafted by the instructor, and based upon their personal goals and interests, along with a strong music foundation.

All students will learn to play by ear, exploring chord progressions, and improvisational techniques, and/or learn to play by reading music notation, based upon their personal goals.

The Opportunity Everyone Wants!

We so often hear people say, "I wish my parents enrolled me in music lessons as a child!". We hear this from friends, family, and our students' parents. Are you ready to give your child the experience so many others wish they had?

The worst that could happen is they could try it and not care too much for it. They might move on to the next thing. 

What's the best thing that could happen? This could be their passion! The thing they love to share with others, or the one thing that cheers them up when they're unhappy. You probably know someone like this. If you ask them what their life would be without music , we can almost guarantee their answer would be, "I don't ever want to imagine that!"

Do you want to find out if this is your child's "thing"? You won't know until you give it a shot. 

So What Do I Need to Do?

It's easy to get started.

1. Send us a message.

2. We'll set up an intro lesson.

3. After the intro lesson, schedule your first month of lessons.

4. Immediately start to see amazing results!

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Introductory Lesson?

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