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The Opportunity Everyone Wants!  Start Your Musical Journey Today!

Almost 100% of my students make a dramatic progress in one year, from beginning level up to level 3, even further.

So What Do I Need to Do?​​

It's easy to get started.

(1). Send us a message

(2). I'll set up an intro lesson

(3). After the intro lesson, schedule your first month of lessons.

(4). Immediately start to see amazing results!  My lessons will be the highlight of your child's week!

Music Lessons: Text


Accelerate Piano Lab

Piano Lesson
  • Lasts for one hour each week

  • Has been shown to dramatically improve a student’s sight-reading skills…. this is the #1 skill that students need to learn music quickly

  • Helps children move through their books faster

  • Includes proven practice techniques so home practice is all about review and increasing speed – less tedium = more fun at home.

ABRSM Theory Courses

Sheet Music and Guitar

Available in-studio and online courses

  • Understand music quicker by joining our Theory Workshop... an after-school program that hosts based on students' needs.

  • Has been shown to dramatically improve a student’s learning and understanding of complex theory knowledge.

  • Help students to practice many theory exams of ABRSM and CM, from level one up to advanced level.

Piano Lesson and Music Appreciation

Child Playing the Piano

Available in-studio and online lessons

Provide fun classes for music appreciation, aural training, and piano performance (2-hands and 4-hands).

Listen diverse stories about many composers.  CM and ABRSM piano exams for all levels.

Fun and Abundant programs that Kids at age 5 and up LOVE it!

Adult Lessons

Writing Music

Available in-studio and online lessons.

Are you an adult who wishes you learned music growing up? It's never too late! This program offers Adult Lessons at Any Age or Level. Start (or Re-Start!) Your New Adventure! Available in-studio and online lessons. Personalized Instruction for all experience levels!  Lessons currently offered in piano, theory, songwriting, and improvisation.

Preschool Musical Enlightenment

Piano Keyboard

Starting at age 4, Wunderkeys Method is a program designed specifically for preschoolers in mind. Learn why preschool is the perfect time to start your kid's musical journey!
Learn 100 songs in your first 3 months of playing.

Music Lessons: What I Do
Music Class

2023 Summer Workshops

Music Lessons: Text
Music Lessons: List

Further exploration of your potential in music

Skill of a Lifetime

My students see piano as a friend - an endless source of inspiration.

Games and Stories

Learn music theory through stories and games.

Solid Technique

Build strong techniques and play impressive sounding songs.

Find Inner Musician

Discover your creativity and musicianship.

Play Favorite Songs

Perform your favorite repertoires to your family and friends.

Be All You Can Be

Deep exposure of your dream.

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