The Opportunity Everyone Wants!  Start Your Musical Journey Today!

We so often hear people say, "I wish my parents enrolled me in music lessons as a child!". We hear this from friends, family, and our students' parents. Are you ready to give your child the experience so many others wish they had?

The worst that could happen is they could try it and not care too much for it. They might move on to the next thing. 

What's the best thing that could happen? This could be their passion! The thing they love to share with others, or the one thing that cheers them up when they're unhappy. You probably know someone like this. If you ask them what their life would be without music , we can almost guarantee their answer would be, "I don't ever want to imagine that!"

Do you want to find out if this is your child's "thing"? You won't know until you give it a shot.

Crystal Lin offers in-studio and virtual (camera-duo setting) lessons.  She has taught over 600 students.  She helps students to prepare for recitals, competitions, as well as the ABRSM exam and Certificate of Merit (CM) exams, from prep to top level.  

She also enjoys instructing students in other aspects of musicianship, in addition to piano. She has coached high school students to prepare for their AP Music Theory exam. Several of her students have successfully entered their dream universities in the field of music.  
If you are interested in any of the music programs, please feel free to contact her!

So What Do I Need to Do?​​

It's easy to get started.

(1). Send us a message

(2). I'll set up an intro lesson

(3). After the intro lesson, schedule your first month of lessons.

(4). Immediately start to see amazing results!  My lessons will be the highlight of your child's week!



Accelerate Piano Lab

Piano Lesson

It's a fun and accelerate curriculum. Has been shown to dramatically improve a student's sight-reading skills. Kids move through book 33% faster than traditional learning!

K - 12 Lessons

Child Playing the Piano

Fun and Abundant Lessons that Kids at age 5 and up LOVE it! This program offers lessons that make learning music feel like a fun game to explore! Currently offered in piano, theory, songwriting, and improvisation. Available for in-studio and online lessons.

Adult Lessons

Writing Music

Are you an adult who wishes you learned music growing up? It's never too late! This program offers Adult Lessons at Any Age or Level. Start (or Re-Start!) Your New Adventure! Available in-studio and online lessons.  Personalized Instruction for all experience levels!  Lessons currently offered in piano, theory, songwriting, and improvisation.

Preschool Piano Lessons

Piano Keyboard

Starting at age 4, Wunderkeys Method is a program designed specifically for preschoolers in mind. Learn why preschool is the perfect time to start your kid's musical journey!

Music Class

Summer Camps

Fun & unique music camps to get them playing and creating!!!


Further exploration of your potential in music

Skill of a Lifetime

My students see piano as a friend - an endless source of inspiration.

Games and Stories

Learn music theory through stories and games.

Solid Technique

Build strong techniques and play impressive sounding songs.

Find Inner Musician

Discover your creativity and musicianship.

Play Favorite Songs

Perform your favorite repertoires to your family and friends.

Be All You Can Be

Deep exposure of your dream.



Studio Concerts

September 5, 2019 and January 5, 2020 in Arcadia, CA.

Summer Camp (1)-1.jpg

Studio Summer Camps

July 2019


Studio Concerts

August 2018 and January 2019


Studio Concerts

August 2017 and January 2018