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Child Playing the Piano

Piano Lesson and Music Appreciation

Available in-studio and online lessons.

CM and ABRSM piano exams.  Instructor is professional evaluator!

Provide fun classes for music appreciation, aural training, and piano performance (2-hands and 4-hands).

Listen diverse stories about many composers.

Fun and Abundant programs that Kids at age 5 and up LOVE it!

This program offers classes that make learning music feel like a fun game to explore!

Available for in-studio and online lessons.

Fun & Engaging Lessons That Kids Love!

Did you take lessons when you were a child? Maybe your teacher was too strict, or too boring, and lessons felt like a chore, or another homework assignment.  Or maye you didn't feel like practicing.  Or maybe your practice is consisted of boring scales and techniques, and the repertoire that you were not interested.

Do you have the similar experience in your childhood?

This should not be any child's experience! Music lessons should be fun and engaging, and should include repertoire and music that your child loves! We believe that your child should experience progress and success - from the very beginning. This will motivate them to keep going. 

In my academy, I aim to offer fun, interesting and diverse music lessons including the song and music that your kid loves!  This will motivate students to keep going with excitement and enthusiasm.

Welcome to visit Crystal Music Academy that is a fully equipped, innovative, and creative teaching classroom.  I aim to explore students' potential and creativity.  Let the music enrich their lives and broaden their horizon.  Students are encouraged to play and feel the music, express their inner voice, and to build up their self-confidence and independence.  They have great opportunity to develop perserverance, problem solving, self-motivation.

Your kid will have at least two chances to perform in the semi-annual studio concert!

By the way, if you are not living in my local area, or you often travel to different places, Online Lesson is a good option for you.

I aim to provide diverse materials to help my students learning online.  My students are from different states of US, Hungary, and China.  I have been helping many students successfully to achieve ABRSM, CM, and piano competitions.

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