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Adult Lessons

Are you an adult who wishes you learned music growing up? It's never too late! This program offers Adult Lessons at Any Age or Level. Start (or Re-Start!) Your New Adventure! Available in-studio and online lessons. Personalized Instruction for all experience levels!  Lessons currently offered in piano, theory, songwriting, and improvisation.

Are you looking for classically-oriented piano lessons? Maybe you’d like to play jazz, rock, improvisation, or just learn to play your favorite songs on the piano? My studio provides the fundamental knowledge, technique, and insight to help you be able to read music in minutes, not months!  Enjoy happy and stress-free piano experience.  This program provides freedom and flexibility in how and when you learn, working with your schedule and availability.  

It's Never Too Late To Start, or Continue Where You Left Off!

If I had a dime for every person that's told me, "I wish I never gave up playing when I was young!", I'd have quite the piggy bank! The big question is, can you really start learning an instrument as an adult, and actually get good at it? Or can you pick back up piano after 30 years without playing? Can you actually train your voice to do amazing things in your 30s, 40, 50s, or even 70s? The answer is YES.  Absolutely YES!!!

You will receive exceptional musical instruction and guidance, whether you’re an adult beginner or experienced pianist!

Here is what some of our adult students have to say:

"Crystal is so patient and the best piano teacher ever! I started lessons with her a little over a year ago as a complete beginner. Now I can read sheet music, sight read and understand music theory. I highly recommend starting lessons with Crystal." by Isabella O.

"I really enjoy my online lessons with Crystal! She is always very patient and supportive, but helps me push myself to keep improving. Lessons are on Zoom and her audio and camera set up are great. I've been taking lessons for just over a year, and can see a lot of progress." By Jessica R.

It's Time to Get Busy!

We've worked with many adults, and have watched them grow, develop, and reach new levels of skill and creativity. Some are active musicians and songwriters, who wish to refine their craft. Others are purely music lovers, who enjoy the therapy of music lessons, and pursing their passion - a gift they can share with friends and family, and a fulfilling hobby they can turn to every day.

So What Do I Need to Do?

It's easy to get started.

1. Send us an message.

2. We'll set up an intro lesson.

3. After the intro lesson, schedule your first month of lessons.

4. Immediately start to see amazing result!

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Introductory Lesson?

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