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Enjoy to Play Favorite Music In Weeks, Not Months!

Crystal Lin, PhD offers music lessons & classes for all ages, from kids to adults.  My piano students come from the US, Hungary, and China.

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About the Crystal Music Academy

With teaching over 600 students, the Crystal Music Academy is well known private teaching academy.

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Arcadia Piano Lessons

What Are Our Piano Lessons Like?

Kids love music - it's a big part of their lives.  So why do most kids HATE music lessons?  I figured out why ....

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I offer an introductory lesson to anyone who is considering piano lessons.  Contact me to schedule an introductory lesson at no charge today!


"I have NEVER had to remind my daughter to practice piano everyday ..."

... in fact, she enjoys playing piano!  Crystal teaches in such a fun way, which makes her excited to learn.  We are very happy with the progress Zurie is making.  She even teaches her brother playing piano.


New Announcement:

(1). Summer Camp Series  2021 are offering in August

(2). Accelerate Piano Lab program is available now

(3). COVID-19 Update: Private lessons are currently held in-studio or online.  I am now accepting new students!


Are you ready to book your introductory lesson? Just reach out and I'll get back to you right away!

Crystal Music Academy is just minutes from the exit at I-210 and Huntinging Drive.  The location is convenient for grocery and shopping. 80% of my town are in my location, including the supermarkets, gas stations, parks, aboretum, and shopping malls that are nearby for 5-minutes drive and even across the street!