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Crystal Music Academy

Piano lessons and theory training for ages 5 - 18.

Enjoy Playing Your Favorite Music In Weeks, Not Months!

Kids learn 33% faster using my mateials rather than traditional learning!


Read more to find out about our fun programs!

100% of my students have been in the top five of the competitions or placed with Highest Honors in the ABRSM and CM exams.

Pin Hsin Lin

"Lin, who likes to challenge and expand what is possible in western classical music ....."

- Experience: Centrum's Magazine

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Do you want your kids to develop a passion for music?  This is the right place for you.

Hello, I am Pin Hsin Lin.  I have a Ph.D. in Music Composition, offering lessons and group classes for all ages, from kids to adults.  My students call me "Crystal", and they come from the US, Canada, Hungary, and China. 

Our music academy provides a fun, creative, and friendly environment, with a professional instructor who cares.  

We aim to help students learn to play, create, and become confident musicians!


Are you ready to book your introductory lesson? Just reach out and I'll get back to you right away!

Crystal Music Academy is just minutes from the exit at I-210 and Huntinging Drive.  The location is convenient for grocery and shopping. 80% of my town are in my location, including the supermarkets, gas stations, parks, aboretum, and shopping malls that are nearby for 5-minutes drive and even across the street!

Playing Piano

"I have NEVER had to remind my daughter to practice piano everyday ..."

... in fact, she enjoys playing piano!  Crystal teaches in such a fun way, which makes her excited to learn.  We are very happy with the progress Zurie is making.  She even teaches her brother playing piano.

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